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Ladies Would You After Only 3 Weeks...

We guess love at first sight is real. R&B singer Fantasia admitted that she married her husband, Kendall Taylor, after only knowing him for three weeks.

Last year, the two secretly tied the knot after meeting at a nightclub. “Everything changed when I met him,” she told Billboard. "I just knew [he was the one]."

But, how did she know this? The answer will surprise you.

"I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said, 'Can I pray for you? I just want to cover for you down the road,'" Fantasia admitted. "In the time I'd been fasting from relationships, I asked God for ­someone to pray for me -- ­someone that could cover me and my kids [Dallas, 4, and Zion, 14] and be the man of the house. That's when I knew."

The singer also revealed that they were celibate during the short courtship, and didn't consummate their union until their wedding night.

Just last week, the pair celebrated their one year anniversary--and they seem stronger than ever.

Good for you, Fanny. You deserve this!


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