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Muhsin Muhammad II

Image result for Muhsin Muhammad I Born Melvin D. Campbell, Jr. in Lansing, Muhsin Muhammad II, also known  as “Moose”, graduated from Waverly Senior  High  School.  During his undergrad years  with Michigan State University, Muhammad  played football from 1992 to 1995 as a wide  receiver.  He later graduated with his  bachelor of science degree.

 In 1996, ‘Moose’ was drafted by the Carolina  Panthers in the NFL draft.  In his professional  football career, he was a two-time Pro Bowl  selection and led the NFL in receiving  touchdowns in 2004.

 After donating $50,000 worth of fitness  equipment to his former high school, he was  honored by having the school’s fitness center renamed after him.  He is currently the co-Founder and managing director for Axum Capital Partners.


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Lonnie Johnson  

 Lonnie Johnson was a Lansing native who  graduated from Sexton High School. After high  school, Johnson attended Michigan State  University majoring in Political Science. While  at MSU, he also became one of the founding  members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity,  Incorporated, the Sigma chapter.

 Mr. Johnson helped marshal local marches for the civil rights movement in Lansing while work

ing for anti-poverty programs.  In 1963, he  assisted in the coordination of transpor

 tation for people to go to Washington D.C.,  where Dr.  King gave his famous “I Have A  Dream” speech.

 Johnson accepted his first job as a recruiter for  the Michigan Police Recruitment Project in  1967.  His primary task was to recruit 1,000  minority candidates for different law  enforcement agencies. His legacy continues to live through his wife, 6 children and 9 grandchildren.

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 Joel Ferguson   

 As a native of Lansing, Michigan, Joel  Ferguson attended and graduated from  Sexton High School. Upon graduation,  Ferguson enlisted in the U.S.  Marine Corps.  After serving his country for two years, Joel  enrolled at Michigan State University for a  degree in elementary education.

 Joel Ferguson was the first African American  elected to the Lansing City Council and he  served on the Ingham County Board of  Supervisors.  In 1986 he was elected to the  MSU Board of Trustees and became  chairperson in 1992. Joel was also  appointed to the Board of Directors of the  Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan  Foundation.  Ferguson is the co-founder of  WLAJ TV-53, WFSL TV-47 and the F&S  Development Company.



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Willard K. Walker

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    Willard K. Walker is a former City of Lansing  Human Relations and Community Services  department director and State of Michigan  executive.  Mr. Walker also worked on diversity  training for the Lansing CEO Diversity Council.

 Not only is he a founding member of the  Greater Lansing Area Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr.  Holiday Commission but he was the first  chairperson.  While attending school at  Michigan State University, he received his  Master of Labor and Industrial Relations as  well as his Master of Arts degrees.

 Serving as a training consultant for the Bureau of  Rehabilitation Services,Michigan Department of Education, Walker implemented section 503 and 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which established state-wide equal employment rights for people with disabilities.

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Dr. Lee June

Image result for dr lee june michigan state university   As the Associate Provost for Academic  Student Services and Multicultural issues for  Michigan State University, Dr. Lee June was  selected as the acting Vice-president for  Student Affairs and Services in 1994.  In  1996, he was permanently appointed the  vice-president position.

 Dr. June is the author and editor of over 30  journal articles and book chapters.  He is  also the author and co-editor for five books  including Counseling in African American  Communities and African American Church  Leadership: Principles for Effective Ministry  and Community Leadership.

 Dr. Lee June is the recipient of the all  University Excellence in Diversity Lifetime  Achievement Award and the Distinguished  Black Alumni Award.

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Verna Holley

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   Verna Holley is a retired choral music  teacher who received her Master of Arts  degree from Michigan State University.   Mrs. Holley is also a former Fine Arts  Director at Sexton High School.

 She has worked with the Okemos String     Program and she is the pianist and musical  director for the Earl Nelson Singers, a  Lansing singing ensemble founded in  1963.Verna is currently a member of the  Religious Conference Planning  Association, the United Conference    for Women and the Capital Area Music  Teachers Association.She is married to Melvin J.  Holley and they currently reside in Lansing.

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Melvin J. Holley

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    In 1956, Melvin J. Holley enlisted in the  Michigan National Guard and served  almost 40 years as a military technician.  Holley retired from the National Guard in  1991 with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer.

 After the military, he enrolled at Michigan  State University where he received his  Bachelor of Arts in history.  After becoming  a Genealogist, he joined the Lansing Area  African American Genealogy Society (or  LAAAGS) in 2000.  Mr. Holley was elected  president of the LAAAGS after 6 years.

 Melvin is currently a member of the  Religious Conference Management Association, United Conferences for Men and Greater Lansing Youth for Christ organizations.  He is currently married to Verna Holley and they reside in Lansing. 

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Dr. William Harrison was Lansing’s first African American doctor, opening a practice out of his home in 1946. Dr. Harrison was a native of Oklahoma and a graduate of Howard university. He had to fight segregation in hospitals and fight for the respect of his fellow medical professionals. Dr. Harrison is fondly remembered by his patients for being compassionate and kind. In 1998, dr. Harrison was awarded the sparrow’s founders’ award and in 2006, he was inducted into sparrow’s physician’s hall of fame. Dr. Harrison retired in 1992 and died in 1997.


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