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Ricky Burns

Michigan born Michigan raised, I literally didn't leave this state for over 6 years but I was ok with that because I love it here so much. I first wanted to get into radio when I was 17 and realized I was too dumb to go to college. Radio is pretty much my life, I have been working in this industry for 9 years now and I have loved every second of it. Before getting into entertainment I had every job under the sun, I did janitorial work, telemarketing, I even was a pizza shop manager. I got my first job in radio doing promotions, at the same time I was the night show intern on WDZH (98.7 Amp Radio) in Detroit. That led me to move 45 minutes north to Flint where I hosted the Night show for 3 years on WRCL (Club 93.7). After that it was back to Detroit, I was the music director and midday host of both WJLB (97.9) and WMXD (Mix 92.3). And now I have moved to the Capital city to be the Program Director and afternoon host on Power 96.5.

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Podcast: L-Bow City Podcast

  • Damn Nate | Episode 15

    Over Thanksgiving 2020 weekend, Mike Tyson (51) fought Roy Jones Jr. (54) in a main event and in the undercard former NBA star and three time Dunk Contest winner, Nate Robinson gets knocked out by YouTube star, Jake Paul in 2 rounds. Young Thug told T.I. that he can't name 2 songs by Andre 3000 (Outkast) and he was never a fan. Also, what does it take for longevity in hip hop? Ricky Burns and K...
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  • Viva La Vaccine | Episode 14

    Pfizer is in the process of getting emergency approval from the FDA for their COVID-19 vaccine. If approved, it is said to be distributed throughout the States by December 11, 2020. It will only be given to people of high priority first and may not be available to the general public until late 2021, early 2022. Will you get it if you can? Ricky Burns and K.C. Mc. get in the discussion here......
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  • The Election Effect | Episode 13

    After months (possibly years) of election anxiety, the 2020 President-Elect has been decided; Dave Chappelle did a unforgettable opening monologue as the host of Saturday Night Live (11/07/2020); Mike Tyson admitted he used fake pee to pass drug tests during his boxing career; and Supreme, the same company that sold a brick for $160, has been bought for $2.1 Billion; Are these signs the world is o...
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  • Single Until Married | Episode 12

    Let's discuss sports and the NBA Finals as well as premarital sex. Mariah Carey said her ex-fiance and her planned to never have sex until marriage but never got married. Do you believe in waiting until marriage to have sex? Do you believe you should live with someone before you marry them? Ricky Burns and K.C. Mc. talk about it....
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  • Smoking with Ciga-Weed | Episode 11

    Did you see the video of LeBron James son, Bronny smoking weed on social media? Why would he do that and post it? Gucci sells a pair of jeans with grass stains for $1,200; who is buying this? Also, why is Da Brat telling stories about her relationship with Allen Iverson now? Let's talk about it with Power 96.5's K.C. Mc. and Ricky Burns......
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